“Peaks of Power: God Hand”, by Paul Campbell, Jr. – Review

First, a public service announcement: This book is a LitRPG fantasy. The blurb doesn’t mention this niche genre, and has only a passing resemblance to the actual story being purchased. It doesn’t mention this is the second book of a series.

The story sets a reader down with no explanation of what has already happened, which in this case is somewhat important. Otherwise, the story initially makes very little sense. The first 70% of the book is spent killing boars in the forest, leveling party characters up to epic. The main Omega storyline is therefore rushed and incomplete. Writing is abysmal; characters are not developed, words are misapplied (e.g. amplitude vs. aptitude), the author doesn’t seem to know the difference between a pun and a metaphor. In short a good structural edit is sorely needed (i.e. more than a spellcheck).

Young gamers with high school reading skills might love this story, but old gamers want more for their $3.99. I recommend reading the samples before deciding to buy.

I rated “Peaks of Power: God Hand” a 2.5 on the FCP Review Standards scale.

Image by Parker_West from Pixabay