Online Dating

Many online profiles start with something like “My friends describe me as…”

What we’d rather know is “My ex-lovers describe me as…” Just keeping it real.


A woman sends me a message and leads with the line.. “My favorite quote for conjuring a visual – dead head sticker on a Cadillac .”

OK, Eagles reference, but surely I can come up with a visual quote too. In response I sent, “..barroom eyes shine vacancy, to see her you’ve got to look hard..”

I think she’s still running, haven’t heard from her since. 😉 This boy knows how to clear a room!


Came across a great profile; she’s attractive, athletic, and had a checklist of things she’s looking for in a match.

“My ideal lifelong partner has the following attributes : Sense of humor, (life is too short and perversely complex not to have one), mischievous, confident, honest, intelligent, cultured, emotionally supportive, and financially independent. (Gentleman, am I asking for too much?)”

Reading through the list, I’m getting all excited, since I’m checking off all the boxes.. until I read the last requirement. Gentlemen! Sadly I’m unqualified for the title. I will say however, as a gentleman-nought, no you aren’t asking for too much. 😉

Image by Erika Wittlieb

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  1. Thumbs up on the website, I love snappy comments, and that sweet little curio of the old couple on the park bench.

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