Random Quote

“Nothing in nature is objectively synergistic. Only subjective synergy is identified, and who knows if it is even real? After all, it is only a matter of opinion.”
Dan M. Kalin

Random Quote

“Big fish in little ponds should occasionally take a humbling swim in the ocean.”
Dan M. Kalin

For the metaphor-challenged, the following covers most of it;

“..There’s always a bigger fish.”
Qui-Gon Jinn – Star Wars Ep. 1

Wisdom From Mittens

I’m still laughing from something Maurice just told me and thought I would share.

“When you’re dating and get to see her bookshelf for the first time, take a few moments and read through the titles. If a full shelf consists of worn self-help and wisdom-of-dead-mystics titles, RUN! Don’t take time to scream, just run. You’ll thank me later.”
M. McNulty


From a book I am currently reading.

“..Artists create pictures or books, sending soul, imagination, and ideas into the world, fancying them less finite than flesh..” E.E. King

Very well put, in my opinion!