Swam for Alligator Light

Swam for the Alligator Light in Islamorada, FL on September 14, 2019. Due to weather conditions the organisers shortened the race to 4 miles rather than the usual 8. Placed 94th out of 224. On one hand, disappointing, on the other I have enough energy left afterwards to smile with a duck on my shoulder. All good!

No, that is not a Dasani product, it is a home-made electrolyte drink with diluted orange juice.

April 2019 Production

Before being tasked with the obvious, I did forego doing much writing last month for reasons other than my readers’ welfare. (untangle that one!) As referenced earlier, Feral Cat LLC needed an infusion of cash, and rather than pulling it out of the personal vaults I did some project work. Happily it is now over, and Feral Cat has a couple more years of funding in place without being beholden to anyone else. All good!

Chart of daily work done
Nothing to see here, keep walking!
Unpublished titles list with stages of completion
I think A Song for Eleanor will be a love-turns-horror story, we’ll have to see!

A Man Swims

What was I doing last weekend rather than writing? Swimming in an open water race around Lido Key, Florida. Still recovering but was back in the pool this morning.

Pre-race 4/27/2019
Less than a mile from the finish…

March 2019 Production

I’m in the process of acquiring additional funding for Feral Cat, LLC. In due time, there will be development funding for even more loss-making publications! I’m only paying for it with my life’s blood; which I guess is how it’s supposed to be.

Gaps correspond to funding for Feral Cat LLC
Plenty of projects in queue!

February 2019 Production

February got back on track with regards to new words written. Days where I fell below the target (1K/day) were made up on other days. February also saw completion of the Pandora’s Children manuscript. Time for the editor and her chainsaw! I also changed the project/title list to exclude published items. Titles which show complete are pre-publication (short stories are the lower word counts).

I have a few more short story ideas where I need to add placeholders, next month!
Something every day

January 2019 Production

January wasn’t the worst month on record for writing, but did fall short. However, Martyrs al-Sabra was published in most formats and the response of people reading it has been very gratifying. There will be reviews published shortly.

Plenty of new projects in the works!
Month started big but I lost the bubble at the end. I could blame it on a mini-Kalin reunion at my home over a long weekend, but it wouldn’t be accurate. I was simply enjoying other things.

Martyrs Print Copies

The first Martyrs al-Sabra print copies were received today and I am very pleased with the results! They have been available for purchase for a week or so, but it took time to generate first articles.

You’re never quite sure whether the finished version is right until you hold it in your hand. Holding more than one in your hands is even better. They have that new book smell!

Martyrs al-Sabra Release!

Book One of the Martyrs series is set after the Presidential Election in 2020, when the first woman is elected President; a new group of terrorists are targeting America and it isn’t business-as-usual. Led by a shadowy figure known only as “The Hammer of Islam”, they take their name from a 2006 massacre of Palestinian schoolchildren in Gaza City, the Martyrs al-Sabra. When the Martyrs make good on their attack threats, the country is torn apart.

Farid Monsour al-Haj is a Palestinian orphan who was adopted and raised from the age of five by one of America’s elite families. Growing up in Northern Virginia, Farid attends the finest schools and is a success in all he attempts. Throughout it all, Farid is encouraged to maintain his cultural identify by his adoptive parents, the Royces. He now works as a television news personality, helping explain the daily news from a Muslim point of view. Farid is increasingly torn between the demands of his Palestinian heritage and those who welcomed him into the mainstream of America.

Farid’s childhood friend, Justin Simons, is a FBI Special Agent assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force and leads the Martyrs manhunt.

Can a lifetime of friendship protect against divided loyalties?

It can also be found at Smashwords, Kobo, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and others now. Paperback will be available in several weeks.