“The Corona Book of Ghost Stories”, by various authors – Review

Editor Sue J. Eaton has pulled together an entertaining collection of sixteen ghost stories. The Kindle presentation is well considered and doesn’t structurally distract the reader, which deserves comment as many are not so well done. The volume itself is short, and requires very little time to read its entirety.

I must be getting jaded when it comes to ghost stories (I read many), as none of these were particularly surprising or suspenseful. I did enjoy reading the book however. My favorite stories were “Everything Here is Mine”, “Anna in the Night”, and “Ligeia”. This is the kind of book you’ll read once, happily enjoy while doing so, and likely never come back for a second go.

I rate it a 4, based on the FCP book review standards. Priced at $2.99 on Amazon, this is a good value and sure to entertain.

Image by ariadne-a-mazed from Pixabay