Cleaning House

“.. Ain’t no room on board for the insincere..”
Warren Zevon, Mutineer

Something about this time of year calls for cleaning house, both literally and figuratively.

Every year, this is when I weed through my social media. Eliminating those who died, so-called influencers, the serially broken, and yes – the insincere. I’m not alone in this, I generally find myself in whatever category qualifies for elimination too with some.

Like a few religious and cultural traditions, time to clear all debts real and imagined. Start the new year with a clear slate. I wish I could say “Kalins always pay their debts” with a straight face but I do have relatives.

Clearing the decks, making room for a whole new set of friends, who knows there might be keepers in this batch.

Hope springs eternal after winter’s purge.

Happy Holidays!