February 2019 Production

February got back on track with regards to new words written. Days where I fell below the target (1K/day) were made up on other days. February also saw completion of the Pandora’s Children manuscript. Time for the editor and her chainsaw! I also changed the project/title list to exclude published items. Titles which show complete are pre-publication (short stories are the lower word counts).

I have a few more short story ideas where I need to add placeholders, next month!
Something every day

January 2019 Production

January wasn’t the worst month on record for writing, but did fall short. However, Martyrs al-Sabra was published in most formats and the response of people reading it has been very gratifying. There will be reviews published shortly.

Plenty of new projects in the works!
Month started big but I lost the bubble at the end. I could blame it on a mini-Kalin reunion at my home over a long weekend, but it wouldn’t be accurate. I was simply enjoying other things.

December and 2018 Wrapup

Ringing out the old, which came in with a roar and exited with a whimper. Even though there are perfectly good reasons for the fall-off, I desire for it to have been otherwise. (Of course, I would still want BoP and Martyrs to be where they are today. If we’re wishing, may as well go whole-fig.)

Daily production of new words in the month of December.
Current status of titles under construction
How the work load was distributed over 2018

Happy New Year everyone!