“Joe Coffin, Season One”, by Ken Preston – Review

This is one enjoyable read! Ken Preston combines the mob, old school vampires, the press, and a wide range of other characters to create a gritty story set in the United Kingdom. The writing is very tight and thoroughly coherent. Joe Coffin is the archetype of the large hard man with a tender heart, just what you want when vampires are involved. Someone in Joe’s world can identify evil much easier than routine law enforcement ever will. Joe doesn’t walk through things unscathed, but you get the sense he will be standing at the end of the day, even if he is missing a few parts in the process.

If you like an entertaining book written in an episodic format, this is highly recommended. The ending comes with a few dangling plot lines, but I presume they will be dealt with in the next episode, which I am about to acquire.

(Disclosure: I received a free copy through Veracious Readers Only)