“Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity”, by various – Review

A friend recommended this anthology of themed short stories, and after looking it up and buying on Amazon I was bitter about the high Kindle price. But if you can’t trust your friends.. After reading the first three stories, I am considerably less bitter. Less than 300 pages with 28 stories, the book is an anomaly in that every single story is good! Normally, you’ll find a good anthology will mostly be to your taste and some stories will still leave you flat. I don’t know how the editors accomplished it, but this is uniformly excellent. The only nit is some of these titles are too damn long.

My favorite stories were “When they Damned the Memory..I Danced”, “Frost on the Fields”, and “A Last Word”; but in fairness it was tough to pick favorites. I rate this collection as a 5 on the FCP Review Standards scale.

Against my visceral response, FMP: $6.99

Image by Twighlightzone from Pixabay