“Blood Prism”, by E.E. King – Review

Anytime an author starts chapters with character names, locations, and year you know the story will not be told in a time-linear fashion. I’m fairly easy to confound, as I treat characters kind of like variables when reading, until I’m connected enough to know their names. Names are hard, even in real life. So I confuse easy with a format like that, but all it means is an occasional retrench to pickup connections I didn’t on the first pass.

This book has it all, vampires, vampire-hybrids, vampire-cat (yay!), Greek gods, native American spirits, werewolves, ghosts, fates, and someone who wasn’t characterised so easily. As a story, the reader might feel this to be too non-linear for them. However, if you enjoy experiential reading, where plot arc is secondary to living within that world, this book qualifies with bells on!

Obviously, I inhabit the latter category.