“Grumpy Old Gods, Volume 2”, by various – Review

First and foremost, let me say I love the anthology concept. I’m also reasonably familiar with the work of some of the featured authors, enough so to spend my ill-gotten coin without a second thought. However, the story quality is wildly uneven and the book felt as though it was put together rather fast. Even so the mix is entertaining, if not especially memorable, and a fast read. My favorite stories were “Hammer Down” and “Hermes’ Penitence” in a dead heat, followed closely by “Hotel Quetzalcoatl”.

Takeaway; a mythology fantasy junkie might consider these Grumpy Gods perfectly adequate for a quick fix before tackling weightier fare.

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4 Stars
FMP – $2.99

“The Grammarian’s Grimoire”, by E. E. King – Review

The Grammarian’s Grimoire is a delightful fantasy short story, which should be considered dessert rather than a main course. I enjoy stories where a character takes supernatural or external forces as a matter of course and doesn’t allow the situation to prevent having an ordinary cup of tea when it’s time to do so.

E. E. King presents yet another fine story for our amusement, and I confirm it fully meets her high standard. Before the reader objects to buying one short story for $0.99, consider the cup of Starbucks you just had which costs four times that and delights half as much.

Oh and as an aside, Ms. King, I knew that about cats.

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Review conforms to Feral Cat Publishers standards
5 Stars

FMP: $0.99