“Sentinel: Demon Assassin”, by L.D. Nash – Review

Sentinel Demon Assassin has what could be a great story, but winds up being only a good one due to a number of execution deficiencies. The pace is erratic and the characters are not well defined. It seems as though their only emotional range consists of rage to not-rage. There are many relationships which could be fertile pretext for character development, but it doesn’t occur. The character(s) I cared the most about was Fluffy, and his mother. Luna, the protagonist, has a major mental/emotional disconnect between what a trained military assassin would feel about need-to-know and what this whiny hero constantly displays.

Almost everyone here, angelic origin or otherwise, has rage issues. And the author has them all sneering, a lot. Again, a more nuanced use of descriptive terms would add to character differentiation as well as readers’ enjoyment. The cover also could better convey what the book is about with a change.

I enjoyed the story in spite of these issues, but they did drag me down. I rated this story a 3.5 on the FCP standard scale (rounded up to 4) as the story has legs even though the execution isn’t clean. FMP: $2.99

(Disclosure: I received a free copy through Veracious Readers Only!)